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- Welcome Message -

"Warm welcome... to John Wyatt Montessori (JWM). We serve the local communities and provide a high quality authentic Montessori education at our two campuses; Bangkok Campus and Nongdon Campus.

The curriculum used at JWM from Birth to High school is granted to JWM by North American Montessori Teachers' Association (NAMTA), and in accordance with Association Montessori International (AMI).

For JWM team, it is our greatest joy to assist children in their personal development and achievements. Seeing them build on their independence and ability is our utmost reward.

You are welcome to contact us anytime if you would like to know more about Montessori education at JWM.

Monthana Irani - Director

- Parent Testimonials -

"Our seven year old daughter, Calvin, attended John Wyatt Montessori last November through the end of January 2014. Calvin, who has attended several different Montessori schools in various parts of the world, thinks of John Wyatt Montessori as her home. She was at first intimidated by being the youngest of a group of four children, but after drop off on the first day she knew she was home. She grew exponentially within the first week, in attitude, capabilities and interests.

As parents we are thrilled with the methods and freedom the children experience. We are very appreciative of the warm and home-like attitude and atmosphere the school provides. The spirit is also reflected in the children who are kind and genuinely interested in learning, not because they have to but because they are inspired. It is a rare thing when a child looks forward to returning to school the next day." - Calvin's mom

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- Mission Statement -

JWM's Mission is to cultivate the joy of learning in an individual child. Our non-competitive environment fosters moral character in a child to be an Independent, Respectful, Caring, Honest, Responsible, and Fair person who has the courage to do the right things and is unafraid of making mistakes. Hence, the child becomes an invaluable world citizen.

- What Make JWM Different -

JWM offers a true child-centered education, adhering to the Montessori philosophy from Pre-Primary to Adolescent. In a beautiful home-like environment designed by architects specialized in designing Montessori schools, children feel free and relaxed. They are ready to show their independence, to learn how to cooperate with others, and to explore knowledge in different areas of interests. At JWM, every child is actively involved in his/her education. With freedom within limits and under the guidance of Montessori trained educators, a child finds his way in self-discovery, building persistence and discipline in attaining knowledge.

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